Our mission at CamoGolf™ is to provide very cool, high performance, golf equipment directly to Sportsmen; you know - golfers who also love anything and everything outdoors, like hunting, fishing, shooting, 4-wheelers, dirt bikes, camping or just sitting around the bonfire. If you live for the weekend, outdoor activities, college and professional sports, NASCAR, country music and or classic rock, then we make golf equipment for you. We don't use the PGA Tour as our promotional playground (couldn't afford it if we wanted to), but we do make tour quality golf equipment at affordable, direct-to-you prices.

We hope you will like what you see on our site. We have great new driver heads featuring Realtree camo, including Max-4, and Hardwoods HD patterns along with a CamoGolf exclusive, Proforce V5 Camo shafts by UST. You will also find authentic Realtree golf grips for all of your swinging clubs . . . and your putter - available in three popular colors; AP Snow, Blaze and Grey.

And don't forget our all new line of golf balls exclusively for sportsmen.  Buckshot® Brand golf balls provide explosive power off the tee for greater distance shot after shot. And lower spin rates off the driver face contribute to better flight control for increased accuracy. These golf balls feature a white Surlyn cover and an enhanced compression core for maximum durability and longer shots. Buckshot Brand golf balls are manufactured using the same methods as similar models made for the major (unnamed) golf brands.

All CamoGolf products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards possible and feature the latest technologies as found on golf clubs sold by the major golf brand companies. In fact, our products are made in some of the very same manufacturing facilities in China that the large companies use. And - since the USGA severely constrains equipment design parameters and imposes strict limits on performance, you will find that most golf clubs today perform in a very narrow range and are similar in head size, total weight and club length. The big boys now use bright colors and bold graphics along with the latest bells and whistles to give their brand a different look than their competitors.

We have teamed up with UST and Realtree to produce camo shafts and camo grips exclusively for our clubs. UST’s Proforce V5 shafts and a proprietary polyurethane grip were specifically selected for top performance in our drivers. We use only authorized and licensed Realtree materials; Max-4, Hardwoods HD and AP Snow camo and it is custom applied, one by one on every head, so no two heads are exactly alike. We use a proprietary hydrographic dipping process that is exactly the same as used for hunting rifles and shotguns. Then we apply an automotive quality gloss or satin clear as a top coat sealer to provide a durable protective finish for the Realtree camo graphics.

We make world class products for Sportsmen and that’s it. We don’t promote our products on the PGA Tour, those players are all under contract - bought and paid for by the mass production golf club manufactures . . . and we certainly don’t have the money to play in that game, even if we wanted to. The point is, we make golf equipment good enough for the tour, but we build it for sportsmen. And because we don’t sell thru those big box retailers, we offer some of the best values in golf.