This is where it all started just about two years ago. We had designed and produced the first few prototype CamoGolf drivers and developed the concept for our Buckshot Brand Golf Balls (At that time the working name was Camo-Ammo.) Anyway, these first clubs were shipped to our friends at Duck Commander (you know who they are) and the concept just took off. From here, we got together with Realtree to create the first and only realistic Camo Golf Grips. And using Reatlree graphics, UST shaft engineers proposed using it's ultra popular Proforce Tour Series of shafts to fill out the product line in a true camo fashion. We greatly appreciate and humbly thank all who worked closely with us to make CamoGolf such a successful company.

First, let me assure you that this was not part of the CamoGolf crew. While we occasionally do have a cold one on the course, we would never partake in quantities large enough to ruin our day in this manner.  Now - having said that, these idiots (and they are definitely IDIOTS) not only ruined their day on the golf course, but can you image the traffic backed up beyond this hole as the golf course rangers had to stop all play to investigate the accident?  Funny what a guy with a badge and a golf cart can do to further ruin your day - diverting player traffic to the next hole (so you only played 17) created some of the lowest scoring rounds in course history  :-)

Congratulations go out to Dustin Johnson for his win yesterday at the U.S. Open.  He is one of those guys who has really earned his first Major championship. I have to add that the USGA really handles issues like potential penalties very poorly . . . Dustin had to wait until the end of his round to find out if a 1 stroke penalty would be imposed for the movement of the ball on the green while he was taking practice strokes. In the end, a penalty was assessed. But would it have been imposed if that penalty stroke would have cost him the tournament? I guess we will never know, because even with the penalty stroke, Dustin won by 3 strokes. 

Espy Awards update . . . so as you may remember, CamoGolf received and invitation to rub elbows with some of the biggest names in sports. All that is required is thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free product for the sports celebrities.  Now I know that this is not an issue for some companies - and of course the potential PR that could be a result of these free products could be 'priceless' . . . but for a small niche Sportsman's Company like CamoGolf, the cost is off the charts. So once again this year, those more millionaire athletes will be without Buckshot Brand Golf Balls and Realtree Grips.

Every day is not a golf day . . . sometimes you just have to tip your hat to God, respecting that He has a different plan for you. So on this rain day for the CamoGolf staff, we began a brainstorming session about the best way to launch a golf ball (Buckshot Brand Golf Ball) the longest distance.  We are now working on our own version of a golf ball cannon with the plan to create a competition for biggest - baddest - longest golf ball cannon ever.  We readily admit that none of us in the office are the world's longest driver (swinging a club), but we all love a challenge. We found some great photos of some cannons that have been built by other golf or cannon geniuses, but now it is our time! Stay tuned for progress reports.

Well, we (CamoGolf) received an unsolicited invitation to attend the Espy Awards / Celebrity Connected on July 12th in Hollywood. (Seems like the right kind of event for us does'nt it?) The invitation says that we will get the opportunity to rub elbows with 100 sports celebrities, get photos with them and our products, and have the chance to talk to them about sponsorships and endorsements. And all of this is available for the low, low price - starting at $5,000.00.  I don't know about you, but this Camo Golfer would be both out of his element and out of money at an event like this - so . . . are we going?  I guess you will have to wait and see.

Expecting temps in  the high 80's this week in N. Texas - great golf weather if the rains hold off. Plan to play the local goat ranch (no, I won't name it, but if you live in the Lewisville, Flower Mound area, you likely can guess) - 18 knock down, keep em low and let em run shots. Bounce the putts along the green to the hole - then on to the next tee. At least the fairways are wide and the woods are few - so won't lose many Buckshot Brand Golf Balls. OK - OK . . . the photo isn't the Goat Ranch.