Alexander Toth  -  Test and Review of Realtree Camo Golf Club Grips


Golf… Rolling fairways of green splendour, the shimmer of the sun reflecting off of water hazards, and of course the chirping of birds singing gaily as they bless us with their songs. These are all things that we encounter outdoors and perhaps don’t take the time to enjoy as we rush in our hectic and somewhat chaotic lives. Before I became a professional golfer I was an outdoorsman first. Whether it was going up north with my father where we ate cold ravioli from the can while camping or spending time with my family while going on drives to get out and spend time on rivers prospecting for trout with my fly rod in hand. It isn’t too often when the world of golf fuses with the outdoors.

Enter "CamoGolf". Like so many other products I first learned of Camo Golf through the outlets of social media. It was a friend of mine (Mike) that shared a picture with me on Instagram. It wasn’t too long before I felt pretty enamored with the brand. I quickly started to refer to Camo Golf as a golf brand where “Golf meets the Outdoors”. My interest started with pictures of a prototype driver head in a “Realtree” camoflage pattern. Then there was the sneak peek of their to be released brand of balls where the sleeve resembles a shell casing for a shotgun. Factor in the pictures of the camoflage golf shafts and I found myself very intrigued.

I started to exchange e-mails with Gene Simpson who is the man behind the idea of Camo Golf. Mr. Simpson brings with him a wealth of experience. Prior to launching CamoGolf Mr. Simpson recently retired from UST Mamiya after 20+ years where he was the Vice President. Camo Golf does have a very healthy relationship with UST Mamiya and as a matter of fact UST Mamiya produces the shafts for CamoGolf. That said, you know that you are receiving a great shaft from a well-reputed company that has been in the golf industry for a very long time. With my brief introduction of CamoGolf completed let us talk about the grips offered by Camo Golf.

Golf Club Grips offered by CamoGolf come in two patterns and styles. Grips are both for putters and “full swing” clubs .The first pattern is their basic “Blaze Orange” grip. This grip is somewhat reminiscent of a typical velvet grip as the texture is somewhat familiar. It maintains the qualities that you would expect from such a grip type and the performance all-around is great. Durable and performs generally well in all types of weather conditions. There is no mistaking this grip when it is on the end of a golfers club. It’s bright and stands out. Two qualities that dare I say may embody me. For those that do not know “Blaze Orange” is a staple in the outdoors community. For hunters this bright orange is necessary and mandatory and quite frankly saves lives. I really have enjoyed testing this grip and this grip has performed very well. The “Blaze Orange” grip is produced by UST Mamiya. As much as I like the Blaze Orange offering from CamoGolf I really want to talk about their other grip offerings.

I cannot say enough about the Realtree pattern grips. Mr. Simpson pursued permission from “Realtree Outdoors” to use the pattern in their grips. This permission was granted and the best golf grips went into production. Mr. Simpson was gracious enough to send me samples of all three “Realtree” patterns. The pattern comes in a Blaze Orange Realtree, a grey Realtree and lastly a white version. These grips really caught my attention on-line but I had no idea how nice they were until actually seeing them in person and in hand. I would describe the feel of them as being relatively firm and to be totally honest I really like the feel of these grips in hand. Maybe it’s because they are or at least seem to be a shade bigger than a standard grip? Either way I love the feel of them. The night that I took them out to take the posted pictures it was raining and I was both concerned and unsure how these grips were going to perform in wet weather. They seemed slick. I can tell you that the grips are pretty darn good in wet conditions or at least when wet. I have not tested them with rain gloves yet but I’m sure that you will not notice an issue when paired with rain gloves. Because of the nature of the Realtree pattern thy are not constructed like most grips. In other words the pattern is not injected into the rubber. Camo Golf  grips are made in the same facility as the “Super Stroke” brand. The result is a “wrap around" construction with a seam and a grip that is very well done. I installed a CamoGolf Realtree grip onto my driver, 9 iron and wedge. I have noticed my hands are fairly relaxed and to this point I have experienced no issues with my hands slipping off of the grip up to this point. I have played some golf in a mixed bag of weather conditions so testing has been varied. Also, I have employed the Camo Golf Realtree Putter Grip which again feels a little bigger than your “run of the mill” putter grip. I installed a Realteee AP Camo Golf grip onto my Scotty Cameron Futura and the results in my estimation are this. Due to the slightly inflated size of the CamoGolf putter grips the hands quiet down throughout the stroke. Strokes with the putter have been confident and I have been rolling putts real well. As a matter of fact I have noticed that my scrambling and putter numbers are much improved to this point. Could it be directly correlated to the CamoGolf grips? It would be interesting to install another grip to my wedge and putter and see what happens to my numbers.

I have been very impressed with CamoGolf thus far and the fact that I’m a professional golfer trapped in a outdoorsman’s body just sweetens the deal for me. If you enjoy the outdoors and love golf then why not marry the two together? It makes sense to me. Please refer to their website

Open Your Blind (Eye) to Camo Best Golf Grips, Shafts and Balls  by Jeff Summit / Hireko Golf


They specialize in “camo golf gear”, including golf club grips featuring Realtree camo; one of the most successful camo companies on the planet. The MAX-4 camo design features cattails, millet, milo, cornstalks, sunflowers, oak and maple leaves, cedar and oak limbs, and a variety of other plant life. The pattern offers maximum effectiveness as waterfowl camo in any open terrain—without geographical limitations. It is the largest camo artwork on the market. Just think of what the crew of Duck Dynasty might do to golf equipment.

CamoGolf was started by a good friend of mine (Gene Simpson) who is a fellow 30 year veteran of the golf business. The line is limited so I am going to review the entire line after given them a good “shot” out on the course.

Camo Golf Shafts  - UST Proforce V5 Camo
Gene worked for UST for many years so it is no surprise he choose the new UST Proforce V5 shaft for his shaft. These feature nearly full-length Realtree MAX-4 graphics given them not only a unique or one of a kind look, but durable finish. These go through a unique hydrographic application process that adds no more weight than a traditional paint / polyurethane, but look way much cooler.

A synopsis of the hydrographic technique goes a little like this. The Max-4 pattern is printed on a water soluble film, which is then floated in a tank of water. The film dissolves, leaving the ink pattern intact on the water’s surface. The shafts are lowered into the water / ink bath where the ink wraps around the shaft. The shafts are then washed off to remove any overlapping ink patterns. Then CamoGolf puts them thru the typical silk screening and clear coating process – using a flat textured clear for durability.

[Proforce V2 vs V5] If you are not hip to the ProForce V5 shaft, it is the next-generation version of UST’s popular V2 line which has been a clubmaker’s staple for many years. The bend profile using our EI Profiler is nearly identical to one another meaning you can expect the same trajectory. The biggest difference is the V5 uses newer materials and is made with a slighter higher torque for added feel (read the UST VTS story).

Camo Golf Grips - Reatlree Golf Club Grips
Camo’s grips use Realtree’s AP Camo graphics in 3 distinct color schemes; AP Blaze, AP Snow and AP Grey. The AP means all purpose for its effectiveness out in the field. These are mid-sized polyurethane grips (both in the standard and putter models) with a diamond-textured outer surface. The polyurethane material is soft and helps reduce vibration and the larger size is good for those that want to hold onto something meaty.

Buckshot Brand Golf Balls
OK, first of all, these aren’t camouflaged like their other products so you won’t lose them in the trees, traps, rough or any other place on the course as you would the ammunition you are using now. The Buckshot brand is [Deer Taft Reserve] similar to some of the major brands balls so you are not going to notice any difference in performance. You need to reload after a lost ball or when they get worn and ratty anyway and these white, Surlyn covered “bullets” are very affordable leaving you more money in your wallet for cool stuff.

They are available in two types of packaging; standard 12-pack as well as a unique shotgun shell casing. The latter is available in 000 (3-ball) or 00 (2-ball) shells and would be a great collector’s items or as a holiday gift for the outdoorsmen.

Golfers in general love the great outdoors and may very well like to hunt, fish, shoot, camp, hike or a number of other activities away from the hustle and bustle when not enjoying golf. These products are a way of tying your passions together.